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Advocacy News - Events - Freedom to Marry Day in Canada

January 14, 2005

Freedom to Marry Day in Canada
3rd annual Valentine's Day actions & celebrations

Today is the fourth anniversary of Canada's first legal same-sex marriages yet some regions of Canada are still violating the Charter rights of gays and lesbians by denying them the freedom to marry. This web site launched the Freedom to Marry Valentine's Day actions in Canada three years ago, working with partners in the U.S. and Canada. Our work is not yet finished.

Justice-seeking Canadians in Alberta, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and the territories of Nunavut and Northwest Territories are urged to take part in:

World Freedom to Marry Day,
February 14, 2005,
Valentine's Day.

Canadians living in provinces with equal marriage rights are being urged to celebrate publicly, create an event, or attend a local Metropolitan Community Church or other church which celebrates same-sex marriages.

Other Canadians are being urged once again to show up at local marriage license offices to request the right to be married legally. Even if people have no desire to marry, the real issue is the right to marry.

World Freedom to Marry Day is now an international movement by individuals committed to equality, dignity and respect for human rights and same-sex marriage. The day of action has been led in the U.S. by Rev. Troy Perry, Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches, who will again conduct a demonstration at a Los Angeles court house February 14, 2005.

Rev. Perry married Philip Ray Deblieck in Toronto in 2003 and is suing the state of California to recognize the marriage.

Photo by, 2004It's easy to take action in your community - just show up at your local marriage office, alone or with your spouse, family and friends. Then, cheerfully and respectfully ask for the right to be married - just like other couples have elsewhere. Or ask to apply for a marriage license.

Expect to be turned away, but promise to return in 2006, 2007 and 2008, or until equality is achieved.

Invite your local news media. Noon is a good time to conduct this event to allow for live local TV coverage on the noon news.

Do not become angry - anger is the tool of the enemy. Be respectful of heterosexual couples at the marriage offices, and do not attack the officials in the office who do not make the rules. Expect respect and if you don't get respect, complain.

Ask for police protection, if required. Seek out local politicians who support you and invite them to attend the event.

Let us know your plans at Equal Marriage For Same-Sex Couples ( | Make plans for Valentine's Day, February 14, 2005. Celebrate your love, your relationships and your right to equal marriage.

Check out what's being done elsewhere in the world at or

Celebrations and Protests

Moncton, New Brunswick

Freedom to Marry Day in Moncton, New BrunswickWithin hours of announcing the 3rd annual Valentine's Day of action and celebration, gay marriage advocates in Moncton, New Brunswick confirmed plans to take part in Freedom to Marry day on February 14. Art and Wayne Toole were legally married in Ontario and they have been in a battle for recognition with New Brunswick ever since.

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